Post Your #MyFamilySelfie!















In celebration of Family Day 2016, we asked you to post your #myfamilyselfie photos on social media. You can still join the celebration!

How to Participate

It’s simple:

  • Gather your family for dinner at home or out at a restaurant
  • Snap a picture or video of everyone spending time together
  • Share the image on social media using #myfamilyselfie
  • Tag two friends, challenging them to share their own #myfamilyselfie photos


This campaign is founded on the fact that regular engaged family meals can positively affect children’s long-term health and happinessThe National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse has conducted more than a decade of surveys that have consistently shown a meaningful correlation between frequent family meals and teens being:

  • Less likely to use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs
  • Less likely to be highly stressed
  • More likely to say it’s easy to talk to their parents  

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse annually hosts Family Day sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, a national initiative to promote regular acts of parental engagement to help prevent substance use. This year, we’re encouraging families to enjoy time around the table and share their photos on social media using #myfamilyselfie.